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Gold Tip Target Arrow Chart

Gold Tip Target Arrow Chart

Not sure what sized arrow wraps to get for your Gold Tip Target Arrows? See our handy chart below for the most accurate measurements. We source the dimensions either direct from the manufacturer or from Archer's Advantage. If you have any questions or do not find your arrow. Feel free to get in contact with us!

Who is Gold Tip?

Gold Tip Archery has been in business for over 25 years and is known for producing high-quality arrows for a variety of archery disciplines. Their arrows are made from advanced materials such as carbon and carbon/graphite composites, which provide the perfect balance of strength and weight. They offer a wide range of arrow models to suit different needs, such as their Ultralight series for hunters who want a lightweight arrow with a high front-of-center weight, and their Hunter Pro series for shooters who want an arrow that is both tough and accurate.

The company’s relationship with Bushnell is a partnership which allows both companies to leverage their strengths and expertise in order to produce high-quality products for archers and hunters. Bushnell provides Gold Tip with access to their advanced optical technologies, which the company uses to develop new and improved arrow models.

Their relationship with Bee Stinger is in terms of manufacturing and marketing of stabilizers and other archery accessories that are used to enhance accuracy and reduce vibration. Bee Stinger is a well-known brand in the archery industry and their products have been well received by archers around the world.

In summary, Gold Tip Archery is a reputable company that produces high-quality arrows for hunters and target shooters, and has strong partnerships with Bushnell and Bee Stinger, two other well-known brands in the archery industry. The partnerships allow them to offer a comprehensive range of archery equipment that meet the needs of a wide range of archers and hunters.

Gold Tip Target Arrows

Gold Tip Target Arrows are all about precision for target shooting. Made with the best materials like carbon or carbon/graphite, they strike the right balance between being strong and light. They come with neat features like heavy front weight for better accuracy, a tough nock system, and various point options for different shooting needs.

These arrows are known for being super accurate and consistent, perfect for the challenges of target shooting. Gold Tip has different models like the Elite Hunter for competitive archers needing a heavy-duty arrow, and the XT Hunter for those who prefer a light, accurate arrow for long shots. In short, these arrows are a top pick for target archers who need reliable, top-quality arrows that can take on any challenge.

See our chart below for <span>Gold Tip Target</span> Arrow’s Outer Diameter (O.D)

Arrow Charts

Gold Tip Target Arrow Table

Gold Tip Target Arrow Chart
22 Series Plus22 Series Pro
Arrow DimensionsWrap WidthArrow DimensionsWrap Width
30X Plus Target30X ProTarget
Arrow DimensionsWrap WidthArrow DimensionsWrap Width
Kinetic Pierce TourNine.3 Max Plus
Arrow DimensionsWrap WidthArrow DimensionsWrap Width
3400.2340.852.17Nine.3 Max Pro
4000.2290.842.13Arrow DimensionsWrap Width
Triple X PlusTriple X Pro
Arrow DimensionsWrap WidthArrow DimensionsWrap Width
Ultralight EntradaUltralight Pro
Arrow DimensionsWrap WidthArrow DimensionsWrap Width
UltralightX-Cutter Plus
Arrow DimensionsWrap WidthArrow DimensionsWrap Width
5000.2851.012.58X-Cutter Pro
6000.2831.012.56Arrow DimensionsWrap Width

Gold Tip Arrow Spine Chart Table

Gold Tip Compound Spine chart
Gold Tip Compound Spine chart Max IBO of 315
Gold Tip Compound Spine chart
Gold Tip Compound Spine chart IBO of 315+
Gold Tip Recurve Spine Chart
Gold Tip Recurve Spine Chart

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