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Premium Bow Accessories for Compound and Recurve Bows at Archery Customs

Step into Archery Customs’ Bow Accessories collection – your one-stop destination for high-grade accessories specifically tailored for both compound and recurve bows. Our broad range caters to all archers, irrespective of whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or an accomplished professional.

Sights: Our high-precision sights will help you perfect your aim. Regardless of the bow type, our collection encompasses a multitude of styles, all designed to offer superior visibility and unerring accuracy.

Arrow Rests: Provide your arrows a stable launchpad with our quality arrow rests. From full-containment to drop-away styles, we have a variety to cater to your shooting style and your bow’s requirements.

Stabilizers: Reduce bow vibration and improve balance with our stabilizers. Available in numerous sizes and weights, they’re designed to ensure a perfect fit for your compound or recurve bow, and to enhance your shooting style.

Weights: Optimize your bow’s balance and feel with our weights. Available in various sizes, these weights allow you to fine-tune your bow’s weight distribution for optimal performance.

Browse our vast collection of bow accessories and find the perfect additions to enhance your archery experience. With Archery Customs, taking your bow’s performance to the next level is just a click away.

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Bicaster MAS-10 Magnetic Arrow Rest


Boost your recurve bow performance with the Bicaster MAS-10 Magnetic Arrow Rest. CNC machined from Aluminum Alloy, this lightweight and compact arrow rest is ambidextrous and customizable. Its V-shaped magnet ensures reliable arm resets after each shot. Choose your favorite from five color options and experience the difference.

Bicaster BAW-224 8oz Stabilizer Weight Kit


Enhance your archery with the Bicaster BAW-224 8 oz Stabilizer Weight Kit. Made from 304 Stainless Steel, this kit balances your bow and reduces vibration. The kit includes four weights for customization, and a 1/4”-5/16” converter for easy attachment to the riser. It’s perfect for hunting bows, and its compact dimensions make it an unobtrusive addition to your gear. Aim better with the BAW-224 Stabilizer Weight Kit.