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Transform your archery performance with the superior Arrow Components offered by Archery Customs. We’re proud to provide a broad selection of top-grade nocks from renowned industry brands like Bohning, Feradyne, and Bicaster, among others.

Wide Range of Nocks: Explore our comprehensive selection of nocks that caters to different shaft types, from standard carbon shafts to micro and ultra-thin shafts. Our nocks are available in various styles and colors, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your unique archery needs.

Superior Quality: Archery Customs is committed to quality. Each of our arrow components is meticulously crafted for superior durability and performance, ensuring your arrows fly true every time. From computer-simulated testing to rigorous destructive testing, these nocks are proven to withstand the demands of high-intensity archery.

Top Industry Brands: We’ve curated a collection featuring the best brands in the archery industry. Whether you prefer the precise engineering of Bohning, the innovative designs of Feradyne, or the reliable performance of Bicaster, we’ve got you covered.

Archery Customs’ Arrow Components allow you to customize your archery experience to your liking. Elevate your performance with our array of top-quality nocks and transform every shot into a precise hit.

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AAE Elite Plastifletch EP 23 Vane


AAE Elite PlastiFletch Vane 23 brings superior control and speed to your arrows. Made with tough material for great memory and instant adhesion. Available in 14 colors, sold in a 100 pack.

AAE Hybrid 26 Vane


AAE Hybrid 26 Vane, with groundbreaking Base Dynamics technology, brings superior flight performance and ease of fletching. Available in 14 vibrant colors, sold in a 100 pack.

AAE Lube Tube


Enhance arrow removal with AAE Lube Tube. Simple, effective, and designed for all arrows!

AAE Max Bond Glue


AAE Max Bond Glue ensures a strong bond for your vanes. Specially formulated for various vanes and easy to apply. Choose the toughest glue for your archery.

AAE Max Hunter Vane


AAE Max Hunter Vanes deliver superior accuracy and quality in each shot. Made in America, these high-profile hunting vanes are available in 14 colors and 2 pack sizes.

AAE Max Stealth Vane


The AAE Max Stealth Arrow Vanes offer ultimate silence, accuracy, and durability for archery and crossbow hunting. Featuring AAE’s unique MAX material and a whisper quiet design, these vanes enhance every shot. Choose from 10 vibrant colors. Pack of 100.

AAE Max Weld Primer Pen


AAE Max Weld Primer Pen creates a strong “weld” between any Max material vane and your arrow. Easy to use with Max Bond glue. Experience the difference today.

AAE Pro Max Vane


The AAE Pro Max Vanes, ideal for 3D and mechanical broadheads, bring precision and durability to your archery. Available in 14 colors and 2 pack sizes. Experience the difference today.

Archery Customs Overgrip Grip Tape for Bows


Maximize your archery performance with the Overgrip Grip Tape for bows from Archery Custom. This grip tape features a removable ribbed core for flexibility, leaves no residue for a clean bow, and has sweat-absorbent properties for a steady, non-slip grip. It’s comfortable to hold, reducing hand fatigue and improving precision. Available in five colors, it adds a personal touch to your archery gear. Experience the comfort and performance enhancement of Archery Custom’s Overgrip Grip Tape today!

Bohning Blazer Vane


Trust Bohning Blazer Vane Arrow Vanes, the #1 hunting vane for over a decade. Measuring 2″ long and 0.53″ high, and weighing just 6.1 grains, they promise speed and accuracy. These preprimed vanes ensure optimal adhesion and are perfect for 3D, hunting, and crossbows. Made in Michigan, USA, they reflect commitment to quality. Upgrade to Bohning Blazer Vanes for superior archery performance.

Bohning Blazer® Nock


Elevate your archery with Bohning Blazer® Nock. Designed for standard carbon shafts, it features a double lock throat and raised index for secure and precise shooting. Each lightweight 9-grain nock withstands rigorous testing, exceeding 110ft-lbs kinetic energy. Choose Bohning Blazer® Nock for enhanced performance.

Bohning Easton Bully 2″ Vane


The 2″ Bully Easton Vane has a leading-edge design made from an ultra-stiff material. Created by a collaboration between Bohning and Easton, the 2″ Bully is great for compound target, 3D, and hunting.

Bohning F Nock


Optimize your performance with the Bohning F Nock. Designed for micro shafts and G Nock systems, it features a double lock throat for extra durability. Each 6.5 grain nock undergoes rigorous testing to eliminate weak points and withstand over 110ft-lbs of kinetic energy. Experience the precision and durability of the Bohning F Nock, and elevate your archery skills.

Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool-Flex®


Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool-Flex® is the flexible, durable adhesive solution for carbon fiber shafts. It absorbs shock and prevents cracking from target impacts. Ideal for securing points, inserts, and bushings on carbon fiber shafts, but it’s also effective on aluminum and fiberglass. With open flame application and hot water adjustment, it’s convenient to use. Plus, it cures in just five minutes and withstands up to 280°F. With no expiration and crossbow compatibility, it’s the perfect choice for varied archery needs.

Bohning Ferr-L-Tite® Hot Melt Glue


Bohning Ferr-L-Tite ® Hot Melt Glue, a reliable archery adhesive since 1946, is perfect for points, inserts, and outserts on wood and aluminum. It requires an open flame for easy application and removal, and it cures in just five minutes. Uniquely, it’s heat reversible on aluminum shafts and has a high melting point of 350°F. Plus, it never expires and is certified for crossbow use. Choose Bohning Ferr-L-Tite ® for your adhesive needs.

Bohning Fletch-Tite Platinum


Trust in Bohning Fletch-Tite Platinum, the industry’s flexible fletching glue with a 70-year legacy. This solvent-based adhesive absorbs shock and prevents vanes from brittleness. Ideal for vanes, feathers, and nocks, it works best on carbon fiber and wood shafts. It’s easy to clean—just scrape off any excess with your fingernail. It clamps in 5 minutes and cures in 24-48 hours, depending on humidity. Remember, don’t store it in the fridge! Choose Fletch-Tite Platinum for reliable, flexible adhesion.